The brand that defined the category is the brand that redefined the category.



Purell created the instant hand sanitizer market, but soon, because of knock off brands, lost its leadership position. The brand turned to Falls for help repositioning against the competition and recapturing its lost share of voice and sales.


A focus on fear – can’t, don’t, danger -- dominated competitor marketing; a PURELL message of confidence and freedom could empower parents to encourage their children to explore their world.


With our help, GOJO Industries launched Purell Advanced, a new, stronger germ-killing product, through national TV, radio, social media, mobile couponing, a loyalty program and more.


  • Strategic & Brand Planning
  • National TV & Radio spots
  • Sweepstakes
  • Social Media
  • Couponing
  • Loyalty Program/Landing Page

Through positive positioning, PURELL tapped into moms’ innate desire to let their kids be kids, giving them peace of mind that their children could explore and discover the world one messy adventure at a time.

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