Parker Hannifin

Innovation breakthroughs start with inspired engineers
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Climate change. Food and water insecurity. Global health crises. Sustainable energy. For all the change and challenges of the 21st Century, we have unprecedented access to the information, expertise and technology needed to solve our biggest problems. But filtering out the noise to find trusted sources has never been harder.  


Even the experts solving the toughest global challenges – from energy to aerospace – look to peers and partners they can trust for information, and inspiration. Parker helps engineers connect trends to technology, and bold ideas to building blocks so they can make the next big breakthrough.


Connect an engineering audience to industry thought leaders and the breadth of Parker products through an organic and social content strategy. This plan bridges the key questions shaping Parker's industries to a network of people and products that inspire answers.  


  • Strategy & Brand Positioning
  • Web Design
  • Native
  • Digital Display
  • E-Newsletters and blasts
  • Organic Social

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