本条款和条件适用于所有采购订单(以下单独称为, “PO”) issued by Falls Communications, Inc. (hereafter, (下称“Falls”)和该PO(以下简称PO)中指定的卖方, “Vendor”) related to Vendor’s provision of goods and/or services to Falls directly and/or to a Falls client, as agreed between the parties.  Vendor’s performance of any portion of the PO or any other conduct by Vendor in furtherance of the PO shall constitute an acceptance of the PO and these terms and conditions.  这些条款和条件只能在双方书面同意的情况下进行修改.  在建议书中发现的条款和条件, quotes, order forms or other sales documents cannot alter or replace these terms and conditions unless such documents specifically express such intent and are signed by an authorized representative of both parties.  Vendor may object to these terms and conditions in writing at any time within 10 days of receiving the PO.


Vendor will provide the goods and/or services specified and mutually agreed upon in the PO in consideration for payment of a specified amount by Falls.  如果购买的性质是无法知道确切的最终成本, the PO may be issued for $1 with additional agreed pricing terms specified in the PO or other mutually agreed upon purchase documents.  Falls将补偿供应商所发生的实际费用和适当的文件, 但卖方在发生任何该等费用之前已获得Falls的书面批准.  

Where applicable, Falls will report all fees and reimbursed expenses paid to Vendor on Internal Revenue Form 1099 in accordance with IRS guidelines.  

Falls将向卖方支付所有无争议金额, less any sum owed by Vendor to Falls, 在收到卖方发票后的四十五(45)天内.  If Falls, in good faith, 对发票费用的任何部分提出异议, fall可暂停支付该等款项,直至双方解决争议为止.  供应商必须在所有装箱单上注明采购单号, invoices, and correspondence related to the PO.  发票上没有PO号将会妨碍及时处理和付款.  因跌倒造成的任何损失概不负责, late fees, 由于这种延迟付款而产生的利息或其他费用.


Vendor shall bear the risk of loss, 销毁或损坏,直到Falls收到PO中指定的物品.  不正确或损坏的货物应立即退还给卖方,费用由卖方承担.


由卖方准备并由Falls接受并支付的所有作品均应成为Falls的财产.  Vendor acknowledges and agrees that, if applicable, 这些作品应被视为1976年版权法中定义的“供租用的作品”, as amended, 17 U.S.C. § 101, et. seq. 因此,该作品的任何和所有版权应归Falls所有.  However, Vendor may retain the right to use such work for the limited purposes of internal training and for use in its self-promotion activities provided that 1) such use does not violate Vendor’s confidentiality or any other obligations under these terms and conditions and 2) Vendor receives written approval from Falls prior to such use which shall not be unreasonably withheld.  


The term of the PO and these terms and conditions will begin on the date services are first performed for Falls or on the date the goods are ordered and will continue in full force and effect until terminated, without cause, 任何一方应至少提前两(2)周书面通知另一方.  Unless otherwise agreed, the rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties will continue in full force until the conclusion of the notice period.  In addition, 365官方亚洲版可能在任何时候终止PO, upon written notice, 如果供应商未能履行或以其他方式违反这些条款和条件.

在合同终止后,在Falls履行了所有无可争议的付款义务之后, Vendor will transfer, assign and make available to Falls, 由Falls支付并属于卖方拥有或控制的所有财产和材料.


Vendor represents and warrants that all goods and/or services provided under the PO 1) shall be free in all material respects from defects in materials, design, and workmanship; 2) shall be provided in a good and workmanlike manner; 3) shall conform to industry standards; and 4) shall be performed in accordance with the PO.  Vendor agrees to use best efforts to complete delivery of all goods and/or services by the specified completion date unless Falls agrees, in writing, to an extension.

卖方应对不侵权负责, accuracy, 所有索赔的完整性和适当性, representations, and content it provides to Falls.  Vendor represents and warrants that all information in whatever form that it provides to Falls shall be accurate, complete for its intended purpose, 不侵犯任何第三方的知识产权或其他权利.



Vendor shall indemnify, 使其无害并为其辩护免于任何责任, claim, 由供应商或供应商的关联方执行的工作引起的诉讼或诉讼原因, affiliates or other third parties.  Falls shall indemnify, 使卖方免于承担任何责任并为其辩护, claim, 只要该等责任是由Falls的疏忽引起的,则由卖方招致的诉讼或诉讼原因.



在一起工作的过程中, 供应商和Falls可能有权访问与双方运营相关的保密信息.  “Confidential Information” may include, without limitation, information concerning the ideas, goods, services, and processes of the other party, pricing, proposals, technical data or know-how, research, products, services, developments, inventions, processes, techniques, designs, forecasts, distributions, engineering, marketing, financial, merchandising, strategies, customer lists, customer data, personnel data, manuals, and/or sales information.  所有该等机密信息将由接收方严格保密, 除非并直到披露方授权发布.  在关系终止后,并在所有无争议的发票已全部支付, the parties agree to return all files and data supplied by the other party that contain Confidential Information.



Independent Contractors - 订购单的各方是并且将保持彼此独立.  No employment, partnership, agency, 或通过PO建立合资关系.  卖方全权负责提供及支付任何及所有保险费用, workers’ compensation premiums, 和其他可能存在于其员工或联营公司的员工福利.  Neither party shall have the right to obligate or bind the other party except in accordance with the PO.

Taxes – Falls应只对卖方依法要求从Falls收取的税款负责.  Each party agrees that it shall be solely responsible for taxes directly related to the operations of its business including, but not limited to, employment taxes, commercial activity tax, and other income-based taxes.  

Limitation of Liability – 在任何情况下,Falls将不承担任何特殊的责任, indirect, incidental, 或间接损害赔偿的全部范围内,该损害赔偿可由法律予以否认, 即使365官方亚洲版公司已经被告知这种损害的可能性.

Insurance – Vendor has, 为它自己和任何允许的分包商, 购买并将在Falls可接受的保险公司进行维护, at Vendor’s expense, general liability, automobile liability, and, if applicable, worker’s compensation insurance in commercially reasonable amounts to satisfy any claims which may arise under the PO.  Upon request, 卖方应向Falls提供证明,证明这些保险范围已到位. 

Severability – 如果本条款和条件的任何条款被确定为不可强制执行, the parties intend that these terms be enforced as if the unenforceable provisions were not present and that any partially valid and enforceable provisions be enforced to the extent possible.

Waiver – A party does not waive any right under these terms and conditions by failing to insist on compliance with any of the terms or by failing to exercise any right hereunder.

Successors – Vendor’s rights and obligations under these terms and conditions may not be assigned without the prior written consent of Falls.  365官方亚洲版公司可能会使任何未经其同意的转让无效.  Falls may assign or transfer any of its rights or obligations under these terms and conditions with advance written notice to Vendor.

Notifications – Any notifications required under these terms and conditions shall be deemed given when sent by 1) prepaid certified or registered mail to either party’s published address; or 2) via an email so long as receipt of the communication is confirmed by the recipient. 

Applicable Law – These terms and conditions shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of Ohio without regard to its conflicts of law principles.  如果双方发生争议, 双方同意先通过协商方式解决争议.  如协商不能解决争议, the parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Cuyahoga County, 俄亥俄州作为解决这类争端的适当场所.

No Construction Against Drafter

Each party acknowledges that the PO and these terms and conditions are the product of mutual negotiation.  Each party has had the opportunity to review the PO and these terms and conditions with counsel of its own choosing.  Accordingly, no rule that contract provisions are to be interpreted against the drafter shall apply in the construction or interpretation of the PO or these terms and conditions.

Entire Agreement – The parties acknowledge that these terms and conditions constitute the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior written or oral negotiations, commitments, 或与相关PO中描述的货物或服务相关的文字.  今后对这些条款和条件的任何修改应由双方书面签署.